Betting on a draw

The big advantage if you bet on a draw is that high odds are offered. If both team have nearly the same strength, then the expected odds are between 2.8 and 3.4. If we think that the winning percentage of such matches is high, the offered odds are very satisfied. Now we have to find s good strategy to take profit from such matches.

It could be profitable to find such matches and to bet a fixed amount on them. The target is that the winnings will be higher than betting amount. It is important to find games which have a big percentange to end on a draw. Very suitable therefore are teams that have strong defences. It is also important that this game is not a game of life and death. Both teams should be satisfied with a draw according to the standings. So both teams can play defensively.

Here an example how this strategy can work. For example you found 6 matches that have a high propability to end draw. The average odd is about 3.0. On each game you should place a bet of 10 euro. If have bet correct on 2 from the 6 games than your payout is about 60 euro. So you have bet 60 euro and the payout was also about 60 euro. So you are on zero. If you bet correct on 3 matches than you will win 90 euro and you are 30 euro on plus. So the target is that the total winnings are higher than the total betting amount.

For this strategy you can find as more games as you can. The requirements are that the draw has the highest percentage and both teams should be satisfied with a draw. This betting strategy can give you amazing profit.

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